• What repayment options are available with the dfcu Leasing offering?

    Repayments are structured to match the cash flow of your business. For instance, repayments for a school will be structured to fall at the beginning of school terms. A normal lease period is 2 to 5 years depending on the type of equipment financed and the lessee’s own anticipated cash flow.

  • Can one lease more than one product in a first lease?

    Yes! One can lease more than one product provided they have adequate cash flows to maintain the repayments.

  • With the leasing offering, what is expected of the client once they take on the equipment?

    Throughout the lease period dfcu Bank (lessor) retains full ownership of the leased asset with the understanding that the client uses and keeps the asset in good working condition. The client is required to keep the asset comprehensively insured at all times during the lease period. Through our Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) facility, we provide financing for insurance and the customer pays for it during the lease period.

  • Who identifies the equipment and the supplier during the leasing producer?

    The client identifies the equipment that meets their personal or business requirements. We will however verify that it: is of good and merchantable quality; is from a reputable supplier; and is priced competitively, before paying for it.

  • What is the value of equipment that can be leased?

    The lease amounts vary from UGX. 50M to over UGX. 15BN or the US dollar equivalent. However, transaction outside this range.

  • Who qualifies for a lease?

    Properly established businesses; companies, partnerships, sole proprietors and individuals who can practically demonstrate a steady cash flow to meet rental payments.

  • What can be leased?

    Any good quality, brand new or used assets including cars, trucks, buses, computers, manufacturing equipment, printing presses, medical equipment, communication equipment, energy, power supply equipment and many more.

  • What is Leasing?

    Leasing is a medium-term finance option for acquiring equipment, business vehicles, and machinery. A contract is drawn between two parties (dfcu Bank and you) whereby dfcu Bank (lessor) provides an asset for usage to you (lessee) for a specified period of time, in return for specified rental payments at an agreed interest rate.

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