• Who do I refer to if I need guidance to start or to talk to my potential members?

    You can walk into any dfcu branch for assistance. You will then be referred to a Relationship

    Manager, who will then offer you guidance on whatever matter you may have.

  • What are the requirements for opening up an Investment Club?

    The registered by laws/constitution, minutes/resolution and each of the signatories needs:

    • 2 passport size photos
    • Proof of Date of Birth (passport, driving permit, voters card, birth certificate)
    • Proof of residence (LC letter/Utility bill in their names)
    • ID

  • Are there any specific requirements in getting a named for the investment club?

    Ideally one name of your choice would suffice. But we ask for at least four in order to ensure

    you have alternatives in case your first choice already exists with the registrar of companies.

  • How are Investment Clubs run?

    All operational matters are well addressed in the by-laws. It captures all aspects from

    administration, periodic remittances, fines to members that default and distribution of roles

    among other things. For day to day operations, we encourage clubs to appoint administrators

    including Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, among others.

  • Can the Investment Club be registered as a company?

    Yes, it can be opened as a company where members buy shares.

  • Must all Investment Club members sign the by-laws?

    Yes, they must. It’s what defines them as members of the club and its legally binding.

  • How is the dfcu Investment Club governed?

    Governance of an investment club is key to its long term survival. We encourage investment

    Clubs to formulate a set of rules and regulations (called “by- laws”) which are mutually agreed

    by all members. dfcu Bank has developed a generic set of by-laws that cover most of the

    areas of interest for any investment club. It is available at all dfcu branches at no cost.

    However, members are encouraged to amend it to suit the clubs’ specific needs, preferably

    with the advice of a lawyer.

  • Where can I get potential Investment Club members from?

    You don’t have to look far from your social circles; workmates, peers, friends and family

    members, are often some of the best circles to consider when starting an investment club.

    This ensures that the ties that bind the partners are deeper than just business.

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